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Ron Howard to Produce Live-Action Tiger & Bunny Film

ANN writes: "Sunrise announced at its Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures panel at New York Comic Con on Friday that Tiger & Bunny will get a live-action film produced by Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code) and Brian Grazer at Imagine Entertainment.

"Stern Bild was modeled after Manhattan, so we are happy to announce this here today," said Masaaki Nozaki of Bandai Namco Pictures, referring to the setting of the anime.

All Nippon Entertainment Works' Sandy Climan and Annmarie Baily, as well as Imagine Entertainment director of development Alexandre Dauman were also present at the panel. Climan commented, "We want to blend the best of the original property that is true and faithful to the characters for the fans.""

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