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Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 14 I HairyPopcorn


The battle FINALLY concludes in this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super!
After 5 episodes of battling the fight is finally over between Goku and Beerus and overall i think it was rather disappointing, the fact that they dragged the fight out over 5 episodes made it overly long, unfortunately making it seem boring, the other bothersome thing in the fight was that several times Goku was defeated by Beerus and you think the battle is won, but then Goku finds some more strength and the fight continues, which made it tedious, but it wasn't all bad, there were some fun parts to it but overall i think the negatives outweigh the positives.
When Beerus defeats Goku once and for all, he is about to destroy the Earth because he won the battle but he completely misses because Beerus falls asleep! Only in Dragon Ball! Whis takes Beerus away and they leave on friendly terms which is good because they can come back and hopefully be allies with the Z Fighter.

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