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Super Saiyan 4 Gohan Transformation Shown in Dragon Ball Heroes

Fans around the world have wanted it and now Bandai is making dreams come true, to some extent, with their Dragon Ball Heroes game.

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tayz2608d ago

Super Saiyan 4 suits him well!

alti2606d ago

so forget SS3, right

shadowknight2032606d ago

I hate the pussy gohan has become in late dbz with saiyan man..its retarded and not the gohan i was expecting him to grow up being.

blackblades2606d ago

Yeah, Gohan was a bad ass as a kid, as well on the future Gohan who died being a bad ass fighting both androids at the same time. Hopefully we see badass gohan in a alt universe.

FlameBaitGod2606d ago

I think the same thing every time i see him lol, he was my fav character. The creator was making Gohan op since child and probably realized the series was about Goku and not Gohan and made him into a fool with that suit(The great saiyan man) and completely changed his attitude -.-

problemchild842606d ago

I read an interview with Toriyama about this years ago. He said that originally Goku was supposed to stay dead after the Cell Saga and that Gohan was to take over as the lead character, only I guess there was a lot of outrage over Goku not coming back that he was more or less forced to change is original plan.

FlameBaitGod2605d ago

omg... that just makes it sadder for me LOL. That would of been the best, at least 4 me. I guess more people wanted Goku :(.

DragoonsScaleLegends2606d ago

I think all the new shit is more like a parody than anything. It seems they make fun of everything DBZ fans hate. I just can't take any of the new stuff serious let alone think of it as real canon. I mean Gohan was basically ruined at the end of DBZ and definitely DBGT(Though I like GT because of they way Super Saiyan 4 is acquired using the tail) but the new stuff take it to a whole new level of shitting on a character.

To me Gohan was what made DBZ so special compared to DB. Goku made DB special and Gohan did the same thing for DBZ. Honestly it felt like Gohan should have taken over as the main character for the series after the Cell saga. I'm a huge fan of Goku but Gohan is just as high up there if not higher in DBZ.

My biggest issue with the whole thing is what Kai did to Kid Gohan. I mean yes we know Gohan will be turned into a pussy later on after the Cell Saga but did they really have to make Kid Gohan sound like a pussy in Kai's English Dub? I know lots of people think it's better(I think they are delusional) but for me he just doesn't feel like the same character in Kai. In the original Dub during the Cell Saga I got goosebumps from his transformation(I still get goosebumps every time I re-watch it) but in Kai it just hurt my ears and felt not even close to the same level of emotion.