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Crunchyroll App Now Available on Nintendo Wii

If your Nintendo Wii is still plugged in and chuggin' along—or even if you just need to bust it out of the closet and dust it off—you can now experience Crunchyroll on it. The free app is now available to download worldwide as supported by the Nintendo eShop, so free members can check it out for a sample and Premium members can hop on in for the full Crunchyroll experience.

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koga881927d ago

Bit late to the party on this one. Though it seems like they are at least acknowledging it. No one I know still has their Wii even connected to the internet and only a few of them haven't put it away already to make room for other things.

SynGamer1927d ago

Better late than never, however, as koga mentioned, they are quite late to the party. I can't fault them though, it's clear they focused on the PS4 and Xbox One first, which have larger install bases.

Stringerbell1926d ago

I'm waiting for Dreamcast support =p