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Reader's Vote: Anime Of The Year 2015 [SnapThirty]

Have your voice heard in SnapThirty’s annual Anime of the Year Awards for 2015. This year there will be a special Reader’s Vote award for Anime of the Year alongside the normal slew of awards. That said, it is time to take up arms and support your favourite anime series of 2015. Vote below for your favourite anime and if your favourite isn’t on the list add it in with the ‘other’ option. Enough talk, get voting SnapFans!

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futurefrog2267d ago

Hard to choose! Maybe... Death Parade?

Thunder_God2266d ago

The year is not done, and many highly prominent shows aren't listed (Yuri Kuma Arashi, OreGairu S2, Sound! Euphonium, Death Parade...), which is going to slant things, even if the "Other" field is present. Also, some shows on that list won't even /end/ this year, so have had only a quarter of their run thus far (Heavy Object).

s45gr322262d ago

The Perfect Insider is not done yet, so far so good for this series. I really enjoyed Re-Kan, Wagnaria season 3, fairy tail

CLOUD19832262d ago

Way to early for a pole of this kind we just watch 5-6 episodes from the anime air currently we can't tell yet how good those anime is when we compare them with anime that have end already, there is a few very nice anime this season but still I can't say without having seen all the episodes yet.