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Bobduh2382d ago

We're once again dealing with a pretty conservative season, but there's at least one or two diamonds in the rough here. At least Monogatari rarely disappoints!

TXIDarkAvenger2381d ago

Loving One-Punch Man though I am behind, just started watching. The animation is so well done. I just look at it in awe all the time I see it.

gustave1542381d ago

already the best season this year because of One Punch Man. Its an anime that has wide appeal unlike Monogatari or Osomatsu-san.

Thunder_God2381d ago

Wide appeal does not necessarily make it better.

And while OPM has a wide appeal to the younger shounen crowds, how about Shirobako, which has a wide appeal to the older audiences, as a /drama/? That market is even larger and remains largely untapped by anime.