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Fall 2015 Anime Midseason Overview

With the Fall 2015 mid-season point upon us, Guy looks at all the shows he's watching and gives his feelings about each and every one, including the ones he's put on hold or dropped.

What's hot, and what's not?

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Thunder_God2252d ago

I'll be frank, I thought Summer would be a bad season, but it surprised me with how solid it'd be. I thought Fall would be at least as good as Summer, but it's been pretty underwhelming thus far. It really seems like "ecchi shounonsense or bust" for me this season.

Then again, the show I enjoy the most this season is Ushio and Tora's second half, a shounonsense.

How about the rest of you?

Stringerbell2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

As for the summer, I really liked 'Snow White with the Red Hair.' As for the fall, truth be told I'm so behind on everything minus One-Punch Man of course =p

Thunder_God2249d ago

Well, that says something of how you feel about it!

Usually, I didn't finish the two shows I cared about the most in the Summer, because I tried to put time aside for them, hue.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

The only show Im caught up with One Punch Man. Everything else I need to watch season 1 K,Noragami, Haikyu. Also I really wanna watch the new Gundum I'll have bt more time during thanksgiving break.