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Answerman - Why Does Funimation License Shows They Won't Dub?

Funimation has said they only license shows they think are worth dubbing - so what's up with the sub-only releases of OniAi and Buddy Complex?

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kingPoS2252d ago

I've got no complaints when those sub only shows make their way onto Netflix, non what so ever.

DragoonsScaleLegends2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Personally if a anime is not dubbed I will try to avoid it unless I can't be patient enough to wait for the dub for example One Punch Man, I like the series too much to wait for a dub.

Stringerbell2251d ago

I go either way but sometimes when you have an anime that has such a gorgeous art style you really want to enjoy it as opposed to having your focus on the bottom of the screen reading subs =/