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Winter 2016 Season Preview

The fall season's starting to wind down, so it's time to look to the future and see what we've got to look forward to!

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Bobduh2410d ago

This is honestly looking like a pretty sparse season, but there's still a few shows worth keeping an eye on.

Killa782410d ago

It's gotta be better than this season, surely!

Thunder_God2410d ago

Seems it might not be, if you discount sequels and continuing from prior seasons for both this season and next...

Flawfinder2408d ago

High bar dude. High bar.

Killa782410d ago

Ahh man, let's hope there's a hidden gem somewhere like one punch man!

DEATHxTHExKIDx2410d ago

hmmm only interested in Ajin right now

JAMurida2410d ago

I was pretty shocked to see Boku dake ga Inai Machi being made into an Anime. I kinda wish they would have done Cradle of Monsters into an Anime (from the same guy) but this will still be interesting to see and it looks to have a good animation studio on deck for it.