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Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action Movie Rights Bought By 20th Century Fox

Some time around 2007 or 2008, 20th century fox bought the rights to make a live action film of Yu Yu Hakusho. Now if you are a big time anime geek (otaku) then you might already know about this. So then why do I blog about it today. Well, because the anime is still well known since it was in Toonami in early 2000’s and it was up there with Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon in the early days of Toonami. Yu Yu Hakusho was one of those anime that kept you at the edge of your seat and for its time the ideas and animation was great.

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xPaYDaYx2220d ago

One of the great old series, it'll be completely ruined by 20th Century.

NovusTerminus2220d ago

Look on the bright side, it can't be worse then Attack on Titan's movie!

But it will most likely still be bad, but the only way to make a good one is to keep trying, albeit with the staff they will choose it most likely will be horrible.

gunnerforlife2220d ago

What if it's as bad as the dbz movie?

NovusTerminus2219d ago

Trust me, the DB (It was not a Z movie) movie is better the AoT.