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Top Ten Anime of 2015

We've arrived at the end of another year in anime, so let's run down some of the best shows from the last twelve months!

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Bobduh2089d ago

This year was a bit sequel-heavy, but I was still able to scrounge ten shows together. We do what we gotta do.

s45gr322088d ago

Most unique anime I saw this year was "The perfect insider".

UltraNova2088d ago

One Punch Man was nice surprise.

Qrphe2088d ago

I only watched Jojo and Hibike Euphonium from that list both pretty good, however OPM was anime of the year hands down and it wasn't even on this list.

gustave1542088d ago

No One Punch Man? Too many sequels on this list =/

theshredded2088d ago

No food Wars? I think Ushio to Torra or Prison School deserve a place...I'm glad Death Parade is on there though

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