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Hamatora: The Animation (Season One) – Review [SnapThirty]

Super powers, the great fictitious unequaliser. Wherever there is one possessive of skills beyond the norm, society combines into that overwhelming force that screams opinions ’til the cows come home. But we know this. We’ve known this since authors bestowed inhuman abilities on their creations decades ago. Thus we find ourselves in an interesting time for those imagined, long gone are the days when powers equaled superhero status, yet the era of heroes remains. Enjoy, if you will, the stories of those who make a choice regarding the person they wish to be, empowered or otherwise. Some rise to protect, whilst others turn to harm. Still classic in its form, just with a little more introspection and societal woe thrown in. Yet the main creation of this moral grey zone are those that exist within the middle, those whose abilities have no effect on their concepts of championing. The above average average, the impartial gifted…the ones without capes. Then there are the bad guys.

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