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Return to The Wired Part 1: Connection

This series of essays will attempt to refute the notion that the show doesn’t offer anything to the modern viewer. I will be writing one article structured around the thematic content of each episode. What I am deeply interested in is the philosophical/theological core of Lain, as well as its imagery. I believe that these are where the series reveals itself to still be tremendously relevant and valuable.

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HaniwaGenjin1629d ago

Nice work! Really good read!

kingPoS1629d ago

I really liked the opening theme. That aside, I had to view the show a least twice to wrap my head around wtf was going on. Cheap shows, you consume in one bite, thought provoking shows like Lain, they have many delicious layers.

thesubtledoc1626d ago

So, so delicious.

I'm on my third time through, and there's still so much I know I'm not fully comprehending or not picking up on at all.