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Did You Know That Hayao Miyazaki Does Not Like The Anime Industry- Here Is Why

The lovable Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Spirited Away does not like the anime industry.

In this blog post I can explain to you why he feels this way and it is something that I learned from my art teacher when I was in high school.

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masterfox1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Holy damn he thinks the same way I think about todays anime!

for me todays anime is corrupted, right now todays anime is all about underage mini skirt girls showing in perverted ways their parts and thats so sad, and why is that well because in the end sex sells so producers are aiming at that I don't blame them, I mean they need to eat right?, but thats a simple excuse for just not taking your time and create something original, in the end today designers most of them lack originality and they move forward to the way the trend goes.

Think I'm joking or trolling ?, go and see the new Macross .

https://openranka.files.wor... <-disgrage

old days it was all about the characters personality's:

http://www.threedifferentdi... <-Legends

level 3601589d ago

Hayao Miyazake films simply transcends animation in the most subtle but realistic way possible. You go beyond it's 2D form, the metaphors/meanings within the story and just see the simple things in life that give you pleasure and focus.

You rarely or never see and feel that in any of the new cartoons, anime or even with CGI/live-action films.

The values that you take from his films is immense I think.

Not even any Disney cartoons can compare.

Sentient5451589d ago

Considering it's a meme I would say that, yes, people do indeed know his thoughts on the state of the contemporary Japanese animation industry.

Stringerbell1585d ago

Yeah I've seen a few documentaries on Hayo, he comes off as being kind of a grump.

ninjahunter1585d ago

I think its really an interesting topic and the author really nails it. Im not a very good artist, but when i draw i always ask myself that line: “do people really look like that?”, and the answers usually no, but then you start asking why and that's how you learn. But i think that's something people should keep in mind more, you aren't drawing anime or manga, you are drawing people, with a twist.