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New Vegeta Figure Literally Trembles with Fear

Premium Bandai is accepting pre-orders for a slightly more interactive Dragon Ball Z figure. The "Hajimete no Gatagata" (Trembling for the First Time) Vegeta figure shows an injured, crying, sweating Vegeta that actually shakes.

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gunnerforlife1615d ago

Why does it look like someone bussed a nut over his face..

mt1615d ago

who would be a figure of scared vegeta ?

MasterD9191615d ago

That is literally the worst Vegeta figure ever. Holy hell.

kingPoS1615d ago

Maybe it's because of the pole shoved up his...


masterfox1613d ago

seriously that doesn't looks like sweat or tears for sure.

KentBenMei1563d ago

Looks like shame chowder.