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Anime Soapbox 13: The Funimation Conspiracy

On this week’s episode, Kelloggs gets excited for the new seasons of Symphogear and Strike Witches, Aeroblip discusses his beef with Sentai Filmworks, 9Ball tries to spoil Kizumonogatari, and EmperorJ unveils the secret plot of Funimation’s Kickstarter campaign. In addition the team talk about Garakowa, the future of Comiket, and sports. Yep, there’s always one sports reference.

00:30 – Fate/Stay Curry
06:00 – Introduction
10:30 – Learning Japanese
17:00 – Garakowa – Restore the World
27:30 – Anime Industry News
39:00 – Funimation and Kickstarter
57:00 – Best Anime According to Japan
67:00 – Netflix’s New Anime

9Ball (Touku FM)
Kelloggs (Pedantic Perspective)
EmperorJ (Lower Mid-Table)

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