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Animecast: Is Anime Dying?

“Anime is dying!” “This is the worst season ever!” and more are statements we hear every season. With that said, you’d think the industry was over. In this episode of the podcast, we examine the anime industry, its quality, and its elements as an entertainment industry. Then dive into the strength it actually seems to be building.

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R6ex1614d ago

For me, its the other way around - From gaming, to movies/dramas and now my new favourite ... anime.


Its the best form of entertainment for me. Gaming takes too much time! Movies/dramas has its limits (can't expect many doll-eyed actress to show some skin). Anime's the best! It has no limits! Its fast-paced and lots can happen in a short time. Almost every female lead has Emma Watson's looks ... not to mention perfect body shapes.