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One-Punch Man Volume Four – Review [SnapThirty]

Superheroism is a dangerous game. More often than not, these (optionally) caped crusaders stand toe to toe with titanic terrors that threaten the very safety of humanity or, to a slightly lesser extent, the stability of society and must stand their ground for the benefit of all. Of course this is nothing new and these exploits of championhood have bolstered stories and legends throughout the ages. What doesn’t often make the tale however is the innate uncertainty that dwells within certain heroes, nor does the selfishness and danger that comes with making oneself an icon. However, as we spiral ever further into the investigation of the flawed individual, we come to find that even those who stand out as the best are sometimes born from intentions which are far from the same. Yet still we must question the benefit of such and endeavour, as peering beneath the mask defeats its purpose and throws one of the world’s most tries and true tropes into chaos.

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