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A Sixth Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood Episode Comes Exclusively with the Collector’s Edition

This week’s Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event was full of reveals, including the game’s release date, a full-length CGI movie, and an animated series called Brotherhood. Though the event mentioned five main episodes that will be publicly available for free, there’s actually a sixth episode planned, available exclusively to owners of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

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LoneWolf0191585d ago

As one who preordered it I have no problems with this. For how much im paying im glad we get some exclusive stuff. And for those who will bitch about it cause I know there will be some entitled snobs who will say "They promised us all the episodes for free!!!!!!" Chill out, you know someone will be nice enough to upload it to youtube in a manner of days.

Tsuru1585d ago

It will be on the internet, day 1 after it comes into peoples hands.

-Gespenst-1585d ago

It's not an extra episode. It's like extra scenes and stuff.

Tsuru1585d ago

And you know this how? It clearly states "sixth episode" on the square enix store page.

-Gespenst-1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Sorry, should've linked.

rezzah1585d ago

I'll just watch it on an anime site.

Beats having to pay $400 CAD just to watch it.

Edito1584d ago

They are moving in the wrong path i won't buy the Collectors because of that episode and i don't believe anyone who bought the CE did because of this episode and it will be on the internet...