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Spring 2016 Season Week 2 - More First Impressions (Anime Power Ranking)

Week 2 of the spring anime season is here, and well, look at that, more premieres! More than even aired in the first week. So Guy gets right down to it and goes over a bunch of premieres, shows receiving their second seasons, and shows that air their second episodes of the season, and gives his rundown on each and every show he watched, and boy are there many of them.

Longer write-ups for Mayoiga episode 2, Bungo Stray Dogs premiere, and mid-sized write-ups, as well as links to full-sized premieres for most other shows.

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Thunder_God1457d ago

Oh boy, is this season /packed/ or what? A lot of shows that seem like they'd be a lot of fun, and with a handful that might be legitimately great, or certainly very good. A handful that are interesting and might flop, and a couple of sequels that are blowing my socks off.

This season might be /too/ good, where I might have to give up on some shows that I'd otherwise like to watch, just because there's only so many hours in the day, and I can't really watch anime during all of these either.

How do you all feel about the crop of new shows?

Killa781455d ago

I feel as though hero academy is slightly over rated atm, I haven't seen enough to draw me in every week.

There's nothing really that's standing out for me. I'm tempted to binge watch the last Gintama season instead of this season's stuff. I need to catch up with Monogatari and Durarara as well.

I'll probably check out joker game, kiznaiver and iron fortress but they don't seem like anything special.

Thunder_God1455d ago

I really need to catch up on Durarara!! as well. The problem is I set to write about each episode, which means a lot of time put aside. Maybe I'll just say screw it and watch it.

As for Hero Academia, second episode had done a lot for it, IMO. Joker Game seems like something special for anime, feeling more like films from the 1960s and 1980s.