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Spring 2016 Anime Season Overview – Week 3 (Anime Power Ranking)

Guy looks at this week's bounty of shows, and discusses the episodes and what he thought of them. Extra-long write-up for Kiznaiver, longer write-ups for Big Order, Kuromukuro, and My Hero Academia, and shorter ones for the rest of the shows.

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Thunder_God1681d ago

This season is absolutely crazy. While there aren't many shows that are blowing me out of the water just yet, there are plenty of shows I'm enjoying quite a bit, and even from the other segment that I'm only enjoying somewhat, I still find them interesting and/or hold potential to become great.

Too many shows, in fact, so I'm likely to start either dropping plenty of shows that'd have made last Winter and Fall seasons much more tolerable, (and/) or I'll watch a bunch more shows without actually writing about them, which would allow me to fit in some more series in the same time-frame.

Anyway, the JoJo I missed from part 2 is back, ConRevo is still amazing, and Flying Witch made me smile all over last week again, what are you all liking?

Killa781680d ago

Kiznaiver, Kabaneri and Hero Academia are epic!

I watched two eps of Conrevo and dropped it because it was confusing. Is it worth picking up?

Only gave it a chance because it reminded me of kyousougiga

Thunder_God1680d ago

Well, episode 3 of ConRevo shows you what the show is about, episode 4-5 shows you how it can be good, and episodes 7 onward are great. But it's not a show for everyone. I personally think it's great.

It's also nothing like Kyousougiga, more like a cross between Samurai Flamenco and Gatchaman Crowds, it's mostly a theme-focused show with some good character moments.