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Naruto vs Dragon Ball: Which Is Better?

As Naruto Shippuden comes to a close, the two giants come to a head.

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madsenhayes1549d ago

I'll always have to side with Dragon Ball, that might partially be because I grew up with it though

TXIDarkAvenger1548d ago

I'm going to side with Naruto on this one. The writing in DBZ is fairly weak in comparison to Naruto. Set nostalgia aside and its pretty clear which show is better. But there is no denying that both shows are extremely influential and you can see many things Naruto borrows from Dragon Ball.

Dasteru1547d ago

Agreed. While i prefer DB for entertainment value, Naruto definately has the more in depth and well written story.

Rai1547d ago

I liked Naruto better, it was more creative and it had an actual story.

DragoonsScaleLegends1547d ago

What was the story though? When the idiot left the whole story was ruined because the main focus became about Naruto's love for said idiot which didn't make any sense no matter how much people try to justify the horrible plot. The ending I would say is the worst ending I've ever seen out of all the manga's I've ever read and I've read a lot.

DBZ had a good story and it was original for the time until the newest series.

zeal0us1547d ago

I love DB the original was stronger than DBZ. Goku in DB wasn't the strongest until near the end of the series. Everyone had a purpose in DB. However DBZ most of the non-saiyan character prove to be useless. Goku majority of the time had to save the day. Naruto didn't suffer the same problem DBZ did.

DragoonsScaleLegends1547d ago

Goku didn't need to stay the strongest or the main character, it should have continued with Gohan as the lead but of course that didn't happen which I would say is what made DBZ start going downhill. The Naruto series went downhill because of Sasuke becoming the main purpose of the plot.

masterfox1543d ago

lol really ? Dragon Ball all the way!!!!!, Naruto transformed into a freaking filler boring fest, writers of Naruto can create a damn 20 episode story of a damn rock and give a sh@#it!!

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