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6 Anime That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

For as wonderful weird, violent, and depressing as a lot of anime is, there are some gems out there that just make you feel great about the world. They can inspire you to look at people in a different way, and have faith in the general goodness that might be out there, somewhere. Unfortunately, they are hard to find. Often the best anime moments that give you hope in humanity are buried underneath a harem-sized pile of panties or overshadowed by an overwhelming feeling of "what is going on?", but some great, straight-forward, happy anime still do exist.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm1529d ago

Clannad's easily the most overrated piece of garbage ever made.

chadwarden1528d ago

Agreed. Nagisa has to be the most autism inducing POS character ever too

pompombrum1528d ago

It's obvious that Clannad is aimed at a particular audience one which you certainly aren't apart of, seeing as you like to freely throw around the term autism as a derogative, you're probably better sticking to your shounen.

1528d ago
FlyingFoxy1528d ago

Yea well it's called having an opinion, also same goes true for IMDB you can't trust it cuz a bunch of kids like to uprate/downrate certain things for fun.

Also i bet you've never watched Clannad.