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Berserk "Night of Miracles" Review - GroundPunch

Well it’s time to accept that Berserk will probably never get the adaptation it deserves. Which is totally heartbreaking to a longtime fan like myself. But i’m just not convinced it’s possible. The Berserk manga has some incredibly intricate and expansive art. That in reality is just not practical for any studio to do on the surely limited animation budgets they are provided. The worst part is there are some strokes of brilliance in this show, but they are always nullified by the broader strokes of a toddler with a coloring book and some apparently Playstation 2 era cutscenes. Armed with this information I regret to inform you that Berserk will now be placed in my “fun to watch, but no real depth” category for anime this season. In a way losing hope is freeing and I can actually enjoy the show more, but critically, any attempt at meaningful thematic and gripping narratives are lost in the laughable animation, and occasional bad voice work.

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Enigma_20991481d ago

I've accepted that this series will remain depressing as hell, with nothing resembling a "happy" ending in the cards. But can I at least get some kind of satisfying resolution, or are you aiming to outdo Daredevil's record for buzzkilling?