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Dragon Ball Super Funimation Dub Confirmed

After over an entire year of airing in Japan, Funimation have finally seemed to secure the rights to dub Dragon Ball Super in English for the rest of the world. Jason Douglas, voice actor for Beerus the God of Destruction posted an image on his Instagram (which has since been removed) showing an image of Beerus from the very first episode of Dragon Ball Super with the comment ‘He’s Awakened’.

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1213d ago
FlyingFoxy1213d ago

Nice, waited for these to come on blu ray and in English before i watch them.

HRoach6161213d ago

Yeah same, pretty stoked to buy the season in English

blackblades1213d ago

Been waiting to, yeah I could watch the subs but after all these years of watching it in english I couldn't do it. To bad Bruce isnt coming back for the ost. Anyways I wonder if they going to show it on toonami when db kai gets to the point.

nato251212d ago

I would definitely say so and I wouldn't expect a replacement soundtrack, don't think that really happens anymore.

Djinn1212d ago

These clowns still haven't put out the Kai Buu Saga. Fools.