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Berserk (2016) Episode 9 Blood Flow of the Dead Review-Sidearc

"Ah, another Berserk Episode. I’ve reviewed it this far, so might as well keep it going. The past few weeks have shown some pretty decent improvement, it is far from perfect or even good but hey a man can dream right? Check out the review"-Sidearc

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KingKelloggTheWH1437d ago

Hope it keeps getting better.

giant1432d ago

it's becoming better amd more better

ZaWarudo1432d ago

So is it worth watching? That first episode absolutely turned me off, and i'm kind of a manga purist.

Android1432d ago

Agreed. I know exactly what you mean.

KingKelloggTheWH1431d ago

The first like 7 eps are utter trash. I HATED them. This ep and 10 were pretty fun.

Though to note I did love the 90s anime as I thought it captured the feel of Berserk amazingly.