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Kimi no Na Wa Is Apparently The Number One Anime Of All-Time

Mr. Flawfinder talks about Makoto Shinkai's latest film being the new number one anime on MyAnimeList, as well as how to deal with the anime fandom that made this happen.

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FlyingFoxy1299d ago

The shows that often get rated less or trolled are ones that have more edgy stuff in them that people can't handle.

Usually ones with the highest ratings have less questionable stuff in them, noticed that as a trend.. like even if a show is pretty good you will still get some people rate it really low like 4-5 if it has something they don't like, like nudity or blood for example. Then there's the mentality with a lot of people that anything rated below 8 or 9 isn't worth watching, when it fact that is complete BS, there are plenty of good movies and anime rated 7+.. hell they even tell you the 7 is "good" next to the rating.

So yea, if you like the look of something just watch it and don't go with what everyone else says. Everyone is different. But it's kind of a thing to follow a trend - people hate something and everyone else follows like sheep, and vice versa.. Usually.

koga881298d ago

Isn't this the film that became a long running meme on 4chan long before it debuted? Wouldn't be hard for /a/ to spam the user ratings as high as possible just to keep the meme alive.