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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: Future Arc ‒ Episode 10 Review - ANN

Perhaps with the knowledge that it doesn't quite have three full episodes of secrets left to unravel, Danganronpa's Future Arc put its mystery bits aside this week to focus on a carnal showdown between Makoto and Munakata. Despite not really getting any closer to learning the truth behind the Final Killing Game, episode 10 delivered the most emotionally resonant content from Future Arc yet, as these two wildly different symbols of Hope resolved their differences by outsmarting each other turn after turn before coming together in mourning for their own mistakes by the end. If the mastermind's plan was to have them destroy each other, they've probably failed. Then again, if that mastermind really is Chisa Yukizome, perhaps she didn't want to destroy Munakata and Makoto after all.

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