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Japan’s Weekly Manga & Light Novel Rankings For September 18th, 2016

The latest rankings out of Japan for light novels and manga has arrived and it’s a pretty busy week with mostly new titles landing on the manga charts. The latest Tokyo Ghoul:re has arrived and hits a 320,000 unit debut, which keeps the 200th volume of Kochikame at second place with 207,000 units. We’re certainly sure they’re not upset about that, however! The list has a lot of new books with Fairy Tail and Nobunaga Concerto getting out there as well as new volumes of Hajime no Ippo and Major 2nd, giving us some really great sports material. The light novel side continues to be dominated by Kimi no Na wa as it adds another 111,000 units, getting to 663,000 now, while the 20th volume of Mahouka nearly doubles to 114,000. Add in a ew Kimi no Na wa variants in the mix and there’s some fun stuff to be had here.

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