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Sentai Filmworks Sets January 2017 Anime Release Slate

When it comes to release months, some of the quieter ones are the ones just around the holidays for a range of reasons. Sentai Filmworks has set their January 2017 release slate plans for anime DVD and Blu-ray releases and they’ve got some good stuff but also acknowledge that people may be reeling from the holiday spending so they keep it slimmed down a bit. This month has a couple of titles that we’ve seen before in different forms such as Infinite Stratos 2, but this time, it gets a really high-end premium box that’s listed at $220! We don’t know everything that’s included in it yet but it’s going to have to be impressive. Right now we just know that it has the extended edition of the first episode, the full twelve episode series, the OVA, and the audio drama. We also get a new Ultimate Collection for The World God Only Knows, which has a thousand minutes worth of material.

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Phya_bb2063d ago

It's great seeing Beautiful Bones getting a Blu Ray release.