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Interview: Yutaka Nakamura (WEB Anime Style, 7/19/2003) Part 1

Yutaka Nakamura is perhaps the closest thing an animator has been to a household name: His technical proficiency animating elaborate mechanical designs and kinetic fight choreography impress all who witness it.

An animation sensation, Nakamura has pushed the medium forward in new and innovative ways over the years and over the course of many shows. He continues to do so in his most recent work on One Punch Man, Concrete Revolutio, and Mob Psycho.

In this interview, Nakmura and head producer and president of studio BONES, Masahiko Minami, are interviewed by anime journalist and writer for WEB Anime Style, Yuichiro Oguro. Nakamura elaborates his origins as an animator and details some of the cuts he worked on in his early career. Part 1 of 3.

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