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Anime Staff Say An Emotional Goodbye To The Story Of "Naruto"

There's still an epilogue, side stories and flashbacks, not to mention the expected follow-up about his son, but today marks the 699th episode of the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden anime and the conclusion of Naruto's original story. The staff of the series got together to laugh and cry about this milestone and some shared art tributes.

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FlyingFoxy1505d ago

Meanwhile a bunch of other Anime are still waiting for an ending because they leave it open when the Manga already ended. Fail.

blackblades1503d ago

Lol Ikr, there's a long lost of that. Air gear, claymore, kekkaishi are the few anime that the manga is finished and still they don't wanna finish the anime even through they have food rating and reception. There's a few that probably will never be finish on both anime and manga and that's black lagoon with the creator keep taking those long breaks of his.

Majin-vegeta1505d ago

I got so pissed that they killed Neji,Like literally the coolest part bout Naruto,Once he died,I stopped watchimg it😡😡

FlyingFoxy1504d ago

Way to spoil it for others, idiot.