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Toonami Executive Attacks Anime Audience - Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds

Just recently Jason DeMarco, SVP/Creative Director of Adult Swim and in command of Toonami took a swing at his own anime audience. So this is my (Justin Easler, TGG) take on the matter.

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drizzom1486d ago

Not enough context here. Does anyone know the details? I don't want to click this without knowing what happened.

DragoonsScaleLegends1486d ago

There are people talking shit about some of the shows and he is talking shit about those people. Nothing much else.

smashman981486d ago

People butthurt over a joke

Ryasha1486d ago

Elitist anime "fans" are upset that series they like get played on Toonami, JoJos Bizarre Adventure in this case, since to them Toonami is only for casual fans and should only show super mainstream series like DBZ, Bleach, Naruto, Sword Art Online, etc.

Jason DeMarco responded by basically saying "Dont give damn how trash like you feel about it. I'll show whatever the hell I want and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Deal with it."

wannabe gamer1486d ago

you dont want to read an article to find out what happened unless you know what happened.

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paradigmfellow1486d ago

I don't watch dubs. However, I know that a lot of people do and in order to spread anime culture (except for some aspects of it) dubs are a necessity to get that done.

s45gr321486d ago

In my personal opinion dubs are horrible. Crunchyroll is best

DVAcme1486d ago

I completely agree with Jason DeMarco. The US anime fandom has been extremely toxic and entitled for quite some time, and very hostile among certain subsets of themselves, for example the dub vs. sub debacle. I for one don't mind dubs and recognize their necessity, and I can't understand how using dubs to serve as a gateway for a new audience is a bad thing.

Hell, the guy who wrote this article is obviously EXACTLY THE KIND OF PERSON THAT DEMARCO IS ATTACKING and rightfully so. The guy can't even fathom being in the wrong and is criticizing a man who has been a vital part of the US anime industry for years. He even uses that ridiculous infograph to paint himself as a connoisseur of the "levels" of anime fandom when that graph is hilariously wrong. For example, it places Legend Of The Galactic Heroes as a gateway anime. That anime is for the HARDCORE fans, period. A sprawling 100+ episode political war story that is slow, meticulously detailed and has so many characters that it needs to put subtitles of their names every time they show on screen so you can tell between them is NOT a gateway anime by any stretch of the imagination.

At the end of the day, Toonami will continue to run exactly as it does and the anime fandom will have to like it, and they should, cause Toonami has always served as a sanctuary for those beginning their foray into anime. Go to Crunchyroll and stay there if you can't deal.

Ravenor1486d ago

Anime is cool, the people who like it to the exclusion of everything else are just boring garbage people. How anyone who identifies specifically as an Anime fan can't see that it's a community filled with children is absolutely mystifying.

Also Dubs vs Subs is actually a thing? Who the F cares how people watch? I prefer Dubs as I'm often playing something while watching whatever, I can do this while also respecting people's desire to use subs and Japanese VO. What a world.

The "hardcore" of any nerd sub culture are the absolute worst. You're not special, your hobby doesn't belong to you, and you need to have a real sit and think about your priorities if you think new viewers will harm it. (I'm not referring to the poster I replied to.)

Take it down a notch and check out some mirrors and take a hard long gander at yourself.

FlyingFoxy1486d ago

Is that first bit of your comment implying most Anime fans are kids, or that they act like (spoilt) kids at times? Because most Anime is in fact NOT for kids, there's a lot for teens/adults to enjoy because there's a lot of shows aimed at that audience.