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Code Geass is the Best Anime Series Ever

Code Geass is the best anime series ever based on its complex characters, study of the human condition, and its irredeemable yet sympathetic lead character

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nottfadeaway1627d ago

It really tugs at the heartstrings...

guywazeldatatt1627d ago

It may not be the best, but it's one of the best. Can't wait to see the new season.

nottfadeaway1627d ago

R3 could go either way, but I'm excited.

TheSuperiorGamer1627d ago

Its outdated. much better stuff has come out since then. maybe season 3 will be better.

Myst-Vearn1626d ago

You make it sound like CG came out in the 1990s. also what are the better shows that came out since then? Re;Zero? watched that and was repetitive as heck. Attack on Titan? entertaining but not 'much better' than Code Geass. Aldnoah Zero? Guilty Crown? sorry but I can't recall one anime that was more fun to watch than CG since it finished.

PapaBop1626d ago

It was great up until the last 5 or so episodes of the second season. I really enjoyed it but the amount twists they threw at you at the end was on the verge of absurdity and soured my overall impressions of it. Still essential viewing though for big anime fans.

franwex1626d ago

I concur, but as a whole it's good

guywazeldatatt1626d ago

I loved the ending. To me it was perfection. And the final episode in the world of c

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