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A Brief Guide to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

If you fancy yourself as an anime fan you may have come across the name Haruhi Suzumiya at some point. Maybe you’ve seen her dance into AMV in her sailor uniform, or seen her fellow club members shoot cheesy laser effects out of their eyes, or perhaps you’ve flummoxed why an anime has an online fan religion called Haruhiism. If you’re on the bench about giving this series a go, trying to decide just where to start or simply wondering what the hell this series is then look no further.

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HRD_Games1625d ago

I might get lynched for this, but I still haven't watched any of Haruhi, other than a bit of episode 1. There's just so much anime taking up my time.
That being said, this is a nicely written guide, and makes me want to give it another shot.

1625d ago