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Eureka Seven Getting Film Trilogy Set Ten Years Earlier - SideArc

It's been a long time, but Eureka Seven is coming back! This time as a movie trilogy. Hit that link to find out more and see the teaser trailer-Sidearc

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KingKelloggTheWH950d ago

I did not see this coming...Has original director and script writer though....I am intrigued...GOod ol memories though..Don't screw this up...

Asuka949d ago

i just got around to rewatching the series (haven't even bothered with AO as i have heard not too good things about it). Hope these films are good and don't take 10 years to release xD

KingKelloggTheWH948d ago

It said they will be out this year then the next two...Hopefully there are no delays.

946d ago