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Naruto - Top 10 Strongest Shinobi

The Top 10 Strongest Shinobi ever in Naruto, Shippuden, Boruto, Movies. NOTE: This is Shinobi only, therefore those that aren't Shinobi (e.g. The Otsutsuki Clan Members) in general are not considered.

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tazmeah1141d ago

Powerups kind of make it difficult to rank strength in Naruto. It's like, who's stronger: Mario...or Luigi with the invincibility star? "Kakashi with Double mangekyo Sharingan" lasted just about that long.

But, if there were a tournament in the show and the competitors where the guys you mentioned, there's no way Naruto loses. It's his show.
Hashirama at his peak could defeat Madara at his peak. Madara was the boss of Obito. Obito caused Minato's death (but that was because he was protecting a wife and baby). Sasuke defeated Itachi but I don't think Sasuke could have defeated Pain to save the leaf village (like Naruto did). Kakashi was always better than Guy; they had a score count to prove it. So my list might go: Naruto, Hashirama, Madara, Obito, Pain, Sasuke, Minato, Itachi, Kakashi, Guy.

KingRamirez1140d ago

Nice list, I like the way you explained things.

gunnerforlife1139d ago

I don't think kakashi was as strong as guy.. especially with all gates open.. look what guy done to madara... he savaged him.kakashi at 6 or 7 gates would of gotten owned

Imalwaysright1138d ago

Yeah naruto is at number 1. The attack that allowed him to win against Kiba in the chunin exams was hands down the most badass in Naruto/Shippuden.