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Your Fall 2017 Anime Guide

Feel that chill in the air? It’s no longer summer, so let’s welcome autumn the best way possible: by watching new anime.

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masterfox1996d ago

Hmm I wonder if its me only my taste, I stop caring for anime ?, or just love old school anime, hmmm... the thing is I went one by one on that list and damn all of them look generic has hell, most of them have beautiful anime sequences but so what if you have a generic cast. What happen to anime like Cowboy Bebop, last Jojo season was freaking awesome, anime like Samurai X, Yuyu Hakusho, old school DBZ still have to mention last episodes of the new series are best of all 100 they have aired for DBS so far, anime like the Original Macross or movies like Macross Plus, Death Note, Bleach, heck why we haven't receive an Evangelion mind bending type animation and story ?.

No joke sometimes I went searching for literally for hours to see if I find some new good anime to watch, still not all hope is lost there are good series developing like My Hero Academia , and One Punch(so far my favorite, it has this old school anime style merge with new, is really awesome), also like I said last two episodes of DBS were freaking great, no more [email protected]#Fg Super Saiyan blue crap lol.