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Vegeta Should Become King Of All Sayians On Planet Sadala

As a huge fan of Dragon Ball Super, I’d love for Vegeta to separate himself from Goku once and for all. He’s a man with a lot of ambition who isn’t solely focused on fighting, and that makes Vegeta a much better character when compared to his Sayian counterpart.

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indysurfn267d ago

Yeah he probably thinks Satan should rise above God once and for all too.

rockwhynot271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Wtf and leave his entire universe? They already have a King over there. Kings are bullshit anyway once you reach the godly ass power Vegeta sort of has. We've yet to see how his limb regeneration holds up. Probably not too shabby seeing how he handled getting skewered by Black.

SarcasticDuck271d ago

Can't even spell saiyan yet writes an article about how stupid he is. Sure, Vegeta should leave his wife, two kids and go live to another different universe. Why the f*ck not?