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The 5 Most Pointless Debates in Fandom

From the Console Wars to Superman vs. Goku, this is a look at five fan debates that are so pointless that they make the entire community look bad.

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ASBO-5248d ago

"Superman vs. Goku"
I dont know what the F a goku is suppose to be but Superman would kill him.

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KTF26247d ago

and the pointless debate started again

Saitama will kill them both in one punch

247d ago
zeal0us247d ago

There's versions of Superman that can rewrite reality and even break dimensions. Goku at best is a universe destroyer. Ultra Instinct is nice but he has NOT mastered it. Where as Superman's strongest forms master godly powers.

Is there a version of Superman that Goku could beat? Sure. Death Battle premise was very stupid. A fight between the two would never go down. Superman rarely spar for fun like Goku. Superman vs Goku Black would be a better fight.

BlackDoomAx247d ago

All debates are pointless, because nobody will change their point of view. Everyone is just spitting their own static opinions.

KTF26247d ago

Superman vs. Gugo is pointless
because Saitama is the strongest

Nes_Daze247d ago

Annnd this is why nobody respects Superman, and Batman has had to carry DC by himself. Superman is a poorly written character, they have made him OP for pure nerd argument but have consequently weakened how he is written, now he is plain and no more interesting on the big screen. You couldn't find a damn director in this age that could make that character worth something on the big screen(and I thought Man of Steel was decent).

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