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Pacing Problems: How My Hero Academia Nails What One Piece Doesn't

One of the best things about My Hero Academia is how well the anime is paced, especially when compared to other shows like One Piece and Hakyu Hoshin Engi. Here's what makes My Hero Academia's success so special for the anime industry.

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alexgibson1260d ago

Interesting read, cheers!

SarcasticDuck1259d ago

i haven't read the article but One Piece (the anime) as it stands currently, is just a cow being milked for money, only adapting one manga issue per episode which makes it drag a lot because the ideal recipe is one and a half or two issues per episode. Boku no Hero doesn't need to worry about catching up with the manga because it's a seasonal show.

Edito1258d ago

I simple stopped watching one piece, it bores me a lot now.