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Anime That Needs A Sequel

Anime series can need a sequel for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, an anime's story isn't complete, meaning that it needs one more season to provide it with a satisfactory conclusion. Other times, the anime has brought its story to a satisfactory conclusion, but in the process, it revealed a setting still packed full of narrative potential. Whatever the case, there are a lot of anime series out there that need a sequel for one reason or another.

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tazmeah390d ago

Please, no to Code Geass. That anime got under my skin so much.

woodtock390d ago

Why did it get underneath your skin?

Lord_Sloth390d ago

So don't watch it but please let me!

Omnislashver36390d ago

A Certain Magical Index just got greenlighted for Season 3... Hopefully Railgun will as well- they called 2018 the "A Certain" year, and the only other project we know of is the A Certain Virtua On game coming out.

Same with Code Geass. Season 3 is on it's way.

Spice and Wolf I want to see as well though, Nisekoi, BTOOOM!, and No Game No Life.

X-Alchemist390d ago

Ain't the Code Geass sequel a movie rather than a new season?

Princess_Pilfer389d ago

Index is garbage. It's mediocre harem isakai at it's absolute worst. How the same person who wrote it *also* wrote the solid B that is Railgun is frankly beyond me.

FlyingFoxy390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

Kodomo no Jikan needs more eps, they never finished it. Also i gotta love the haters of that series just because of it being so controversial, many people even backed the manga for English translation on Kickstarter. Maybe some people need to wake up and see what anime actually IS, it covers everything from some kids stuff to mostly teen/adult stuff.

Watamote too.. basically all good adult anime. If they start it they should finish it, really irritates me that they do that.

390d ago
BlahBlahWhatever390d ago

My TOP 5 anime that I want to see get a sequel.

(random order)

1. Made in Abyss
2. Saga of Tanya the Evil
3. The King`s Avatar
4. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
5. Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World

*6. Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There
*7. World End: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?
*8. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions
*9. Alderamin on the Sky
*10. Kingdom

(random order)

1. The Twelve Kingdoms
2. Guin Saga
3. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
4. Break Blade
5. Karas

BlahBlahWhatever390d ago

Oh yeah I forgot one that I like very much, Chrome Shelled Regios, that's another one I love to see get a remake/sequel.