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Kheici just dropped her really sexy and cute cosplay of Tifa and Aeris from “Final Fantasy VII”

"I just found out that Kheici has made a really cute and sexy cosplay of Tifa and Aeris from "Final Fantasy VII". So here's my take on the matter." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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Biunpe05507d ago

That'd be great...... If Tifa were black

Godmars290507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

Its that the cosplayer is black.

"But mah cultural appreciation..."

Or, even more directly:

"I'm not racist, I just don't think people of a different race should should express fondness for fictional and/or RL characters of another race by dressing up them.

"or, maybe the young white kid who liked Barack Obama and went as his for Halloween could have gotten away with it, and not gotten into trouble for it, by not going in blackface, but then he likely would have been confused with Ross Perot."

507d ago
ninsigma506d ago

Say what?? Difference in skin color, or difference in anything for that matter, is not important for cosplay. Sure if you look like the carachter then it will be more authentic looking but cosplay is open to anyone and everyone to portray the characters they love.

ChrisW507d ago

OMFG! A game related cosplay posted on Anime Shinbun instead of N4G!

Will wonders ever cease?!?

AnubisG507d ago

Looks nothing like the characters in the game.

dcbronco507d ago

The idea of race is stupid. It is a mistake continued by worthless clowns that need a place to belong. If she doesn't care about the race of the character no one should care about her doing the cosplay. Race appropriation is nonsense only an idiot would support. What's next? Only white people can have cars but they can no longer use street lights. Stop being stupid.