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ANN Review: Attack on Titan ‒ Episode 45

ANN: “All hail the Queen!” That's my main takeaway from “Outside the Walls of Orvud District”, which is largely a transitional episode, wrapping up the “Rescue Eren and Historia” plot while setting the stage for the upcoming battle against Rod Reiss, who Levi appropriately refers to as the “Big-Ass Titan”. I'm not using "transitional" as a pejorative here, to be clear; there's a lot going on this week, from Eren finally breaking out of his captive funk to Historia taking her first steps to possibly inheriting the throne. It's just that, given the ebb-and-flow style that Attack on Titan's story arcs tend to take, this kind of important table setting isn't as invigorating or impactful as the high watermark of action and drama we got from “Wish” last week.

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