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Top 10 Worst Anime Fathers of All Time

Andrew M writes: "These are the top 10 worst anime fathers of all time. While some have a bit of depth to them, there's no doubt that they're terrible at being parents, among other things."

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tazmeah1439d ago

Solid list. I have one complaint about the implementation of that list that I always have. Please don't put each entry of a top ten list on ten pages. A list of 10 is short enough to put on one page. Fortunately, I have the Safari browser and I can just click the Reader View icon so they all get put on one page, but not everyone can.

I love that Goku is on your list as a terrible father. I'd throw Sasuke on there too.

mcmahon_bearpig1438d ago

Boruto is so fresh that I completely forgot about Sasuke!