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Giulietta Zawadzki rocks hard with her hot and awesome cosplay of Ada Wong from “Resident Evil”

"I just found out about a really awesome female cosplayer called Giulietta Zawadzki, and good thing that, because her cosplay of Ada Wong is both smoking hot and awesome.".

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annoyedgamer203d ago

700 degrees and no comments lol

drizzom203d ago

Some things in life simply need no words.

mikeslemonade203d ago

haha I'm surprised there's no SJWs and PC people saying "she's not asian"

annoyedgamer203d ago

More likely SJWs will try to get her dress more conservatively. Cant have her wooing men.

Agent_00_Revan203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

All I know is, I missed the 'S' in RockS Hard in the title.