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Neon Genesis Evangelion Isn't For Normies

Neon Genesis Evangelion is Not For Normies - Neon Genesis Evangelion has been put on Netflix, but the iconic series isn't for generic anime fans.

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guywazeldatatt1100d ago

It's not for "normies" and they won't understand it. and then they'll shit on it. I've already seen it happen.

lifeistranger1100d ago

I saw it when I first watched anime, first series, and I was able to get it right away. I don't know what you're talking about.

rutgersfan281100d ago

lol I do agree, a lot of the articles coming out about it and the new fans' takes on it are ridiculous.

BlahBlahWhatever1100d ago

To tell you the truth who the fck care, even if kiddies watch it & don't get it this will not change how great it is, NGE is legendary in the anime world no matter what anyone's opinion is about it, no matter what any ignorant is going to say/write about it this will never change simple as that, still Netflix manage to ruin ti with their translation but this was expected from Netflix, they don't get anime all they do is ruin one classic after another, it's like they hate anime...

-Gespenst-1100d ago

Correct. It is for pedos.