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Nichameleon just dropped her ultra-sexy cosplay as Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII”

"I'm sure glad that I found out about an Australian female cosplayer called Nichameleon. You see, just recently she released her super sexy and awesome cosplay of Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII”." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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ReVibe933d ago

That isn't cosplay, that's a basic bitch in a wifebeater and red gloves.
At least sucker a cameraboy into it...

TGG_overlord933d ago

Say what? I got the first part...But I have no idea what the rest of what you said menas, but whatever.

TGG_overlord933d ago

I have no idea what his or her problem is...Nichameleon is a super nice person and talented cosplayer. So I bet that ReVibe is just jealous of her or whatever.

bluefox755932d ago

She is basically naked from the waist down, lol. Look at the third picture.