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Junji Ito's Uzumaki Horror Manga Gets TV Anime by Production IG

ANN: The Junji Ito panel at Crunchyroll Expo announced on Friday that Ito's Uzumaki horror manga will have an anime adaptation. Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushi-Shi) is directing the series of short stories at Production I.G, and Adult Swim's Toonami block will release the anime in the United States before Japan. Colin Stetson (Hereditary) is composing the music.

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Veneno1192d ago

Wow took long enough!

TricksterArrow1192d ago

I have a feeling it's gonna be butchered.

X-Alchemist1192d ago

If it has the same director from mushi-shi; which was an amazing series and seriously underrated, then I think it’s in good hands.

TricksterArrow1192d ago

I truly hope so. Uzumaki is a great series that deserves the best.

Silly gameAr1192d ago

That's pretty damn awesome.

justy1121188d ago

yup and it also airs on toonami