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4Kids Entertainment Signs Dragon Ball Z Kai for Broadcast

4Kids Entertainment has reached agreement with FUNimation Entertainment and Toei Animation Co., Ltd., to license the U.S. broadcast television rights to the new animated television series "Dragon Ball Z Kai".

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Archaic4535d ago

4Kids? Ouch. I might not be a fan of DBZ, but I feel for them right now. I know the pain of having a favourite show in their grip all too well. While they're evidently not doing the dubbing, etc, with all that being handled by FUNi, I wouldn't be all that surprised if they make some cuts and censoring for their TV broadcasts.

Asuka4534d ago

I kinda wanna see this but at the same time i don't want too. I know Kai is supposed yo be remastered and restored, but its also going to be cut up like hell. I mean, its only going to be 100 episodes long to my understanding, and I know they said that the original va's would reprise their characters, but does that mean all original va's would be returning, or just some of the important ones (ie. goku, vegeta)?